3 Essential Things to Bring to a Music Festivals: 2019 A Beginners Guide


It is 2019 and there are now over 800 music festivals just in the United States alone and growing. Eight Hundred. That number ten years ago was less than 150. New festivals are springing up left and right with a major one just around the corner with a supporting cast of heavy duty headliners.

The demographic consists primarily of millennials and in such a day and age it has become almost a rite of passage to attend a music festival.

If you are inexperienced and new to the culture, this list of essentials is for you.


Hydration Pack

A hydration pack should come as no surprise but we want to reiterate it. We recommend you not leave home without one. Staying on top of hydration is absolute vital to your health and will enhance your overall experience. The majority of people at a festival will suffer at least mild dehydration which can lower energy levels and cause fatigue. If you are on the fence about getting one, get it, it will be well worth the investment. Plus it has so many other uses!

Portable Charger

The frustration of your cellphone lingering at 1% and finally dying at a dire time is a feeling we all know too well. Even if you’re a person on top of it and consider yourself conservative with your battery use, you might just save someone around you who really needs it. Take care of the community and yourself! Regardless, we know how many videos are taken, Snapchats snapped and Instagram stories posted, so bring a portable charger with you to remove the worry of your phone dying and losing contact with your friends who split off.



Festival fanny packs's are IN, but more importantly they are super functional! These dope bags are perfect to carry all of your essentials - money, ID, inhaler, testing kits, etc. You'll be prepared for everything and you won't lose a thing as you're jumping around the dance floor.